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    Dr. Florian Bauer

Dr. Florian Bauer

  • Master and Phd in Psychology at the TU Darmstadt, MIT, and Harvard
  • Board member of the Professional Association of German Market and Social Researchers (BVM) for two years
  • Responsible for the area of market research
  • Email: florian-bauer@vocatus.de
    Hardy C. Koth

Hardy C. Koth

  • Bachelor in Business Administration plus MBA at the University of Washington and at the University of Chicago
  • Former member of the executive board at Booz Allen Hamilton
  • International President of IRIS (International Research InstituteS)
  • Responsible for the area of acquisition and customer care
  • Email: hardy-koth@vocatus.de
    Dr. Patricia Lüer

Dr. Patricia Lüer

  • Many years' experience of international strategy consulting (primarily with Booz Allen Hamilton)
  • A total of more than 15 years' experience of market research in both an agency as well as an operational context (including time spent with Zurich Financial Services in Zürich)
  • Degree in Business Administration from the University of Bayreuth; doctorate in Marketing from the Ingolstadt School of Management
  • Email: patricia-lueer@vocatus.de
    Dr. Patrick Strunkmann-Meister

Dr. Patrick Strunkmann-Meister

  • Many years' experience with the BMW Group and as a strategy consultant in the automobile industry
  • Founder member and former member of the management of Strategy Engineers
  • Degree and doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Bayreuth, Massey University (New Zealand) and ESC Bordeaux
  • Email: patrick-strunkmann-meister@vocatus.de
    Alexander S. Weigmann

Alexander S. Weigmann

  • Master in Electrical Engineering at the TU Munich and at EURECOM (France)
  • Master in Business Administration at the TU Munich and UC Berkeley (USA)
  • Responsible for the areas of finance and IT
  • Email: alex-weigmann@vocatus.de
    Dr. Gaby Wiegran

Dr. Gaby Wiegran

  • Master and Phd in Business Administration at the University of Munich
  • Has published various books on the topic of customer retention, customer satisfaction, and employee management
  • Responsible for the areas of marketing, law, and human resources
  • Email: gaby-wiegran@vocatus.de