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The majority of figures are meaningless.
Some, however, can transform your company. We deliver the latter.

70% more bookings at L’TUR

L’TUR is the market leader in last-minute vacations and is therefore the first stop for most customers looking to book a trip. Once customers have found their dream holiday, the majority go on to compare prices at a competing site. Given that the prices are often quite similar, they then book with the competition because they happen to be on their website.

About Vocatus

Vocatus is an international, innovative consulting firm that specialises in pricing research. Our pricing research projects have received numerous national and international awards. For example, we have twice won the global prize for the pricing project with the highest return on investment. Our services focus on decision makers who want to optimise their pricing strategy using valid empirical insights instead of rigid hypotheses and subjective assumptions. Problem-oriented solutions, concrete recommendations, and efficient implementation of results are the main focus of all our projects.

Hardy Koth

Hardy C. Koth

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  • Behavioural Economics

    Customers do not decide rationally, but they do decide predictably. Behavioural economics is based on how people really behave. And you, as a company, can learn to influence your customer's decisions. We will help you.

    • Pricing Strategy

      The biggest hurdle of profitable pricing strategies is not the actual customer, but our perception of the customer. Don't let untried assumptions about how people make decisions get in the way of your pricing strategy. We analyse your customer's real decision-making process and help you to systematically turn the decision-making mistakes of your customers into more profit.

      • GRIPS

        Customers differ in 5 decision-making types (GRIPS). This knowledge can be used specifically with Vocatus. Find out more about the GRIPS types.

        • Pricing Policy

          Companies often believe that consumers are well aware of their prices and make their decisions accordingly. Behavioral economics proves the opposite: People make irrational decisions. If you can understand and influence these decisions, you will have more leeway to generate increased profits with the same volume of sales. We help you with this process.